Opening Ceremonie - Monday, Mai 7th 2018, 20:00

Opening Gala in the Sport-Toto-Halle in Magglingen with march in of all athletes from 14 nations.


Opening Ceremony featuring:


Lucas Fischer

The silvermedal winner on parallel bars combines 3 different arts in one spectacular Show. He merges singing, acrobatics and Dance in a compelling, emotional and superior Performance.

 Cécile Meschberger

At the Age of 9, Cécile Meschberger started Wheel Gymnastics. Her highest achievements

were a Junior and a Senior World Champion titel. There are a lot of silver and bronce medals,

aswell as Swiss Champion titles to be added. After the completion of a professional dance

training, she dedicated herself to aerial acrobatics which is her daily business today.



The Holmikers are a Group of about 20 athletes from different sections of the gymnastics club Mels. Their Goal is to give the broad audience a different understanding of gymnastics. Their Horrorshow was awarded with a bronze Clownat the 41st Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.