House Regulations (BASPO)

Behaviour Rules

Everybody is obliged to:

  • comply with the orders of the BASPO staff
  • their legally obliged duty to supervise entrusted minors
  • use plants and buildings as inteded and in such a manner that other users are not affected
  • pay attention to cleanliness in bedrooms, coomon rooms and sports ground
  • comply to security and emergency instructions
  • keep entrances, exits, emergency exits, escape routes, corridors, stairwells as well as elevator acceses clear of obstructions
  • refrain from noise and other disturbances of any kind
  • treat accomodations, installations, facilities and equipment gently. Damages, defects and abnormalities are to be reported to the house service.
  • park motorised and non-motorised vehicles in the provieded parking spaces.

Access / Use

The transfer or the provision of the access authorization (access bade) to third parties is not permitted. 



Public space can be under survaillance.



To the extent permitted by law, the BASPO disclaims all liability for damages resulting from the authorized or unauthorized use of its facilities.


Environmentally freindly behaviour

Everybody is asked to use electricity, heat, water and other resources sparingly and to make an active contributions to the protection of the environment.


Smoking/ Fire

Smoking is only allowed in the marked areas. Open fire is forbidden on the ground of the BASPO. Exceptions are designated fire places.


Alcohol / Drugs

The purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages ar prohibited for minors at the BASPO. It is prohibited to consume alcohol in the accommodatons. Drugs are strictly prohibited.


Night Peace

From 22.00 to 07.00 Uhr there is night peace in buildings with accomodaton. From 22.30 night peace is expanded to all buildings and aerea of the BASPO.



In the event of violations of the provisions of these house rules, persons or groups may be expelled or banned from the buildings and the area of the BASPO prosecuted and / or be obliged to make financial compensation.



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